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Body Balancers is a Wellbeing, Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Center that provides the opportunity for people to live virtually pain-free lives, by managing and maintaining good health – both mentally and physically. We achieve this by not only treating the cause of the problem, but by additionally offering an education, through knowledge and self-help exercises.

The benefits of our treatments are rapidly gaining global presence, as each program is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs, avoiding the one-size-fits-all, “cookie cutter” approach. Though these treatments are reaching a global audience at a phenomenal rate, Body Balancers is unique in that we bridge the gap between holistic treatments and traditional medicine. Our offerings comprise of Physiotherapy, Dorn Method and our amazing TLC weight loss program.

We are the first dedicated Dorn Method Treatment Center in the Middle East, designed to help you reduce and potentially eliminate elements of chronic back pain, knee pain, headaches and numerous other internal ailments. It is a safe, natural, hands-on approach which unlike chiropractic techniques, uses the body’s own momentum and slight pressure, to naturally realign the spinal column – no pills, no potions, no injections! Gentle enough for a child.

Our Physiotherapy team offers a wide range of individual and packaged treatment options to cater to the needs of the individual, from Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release, for those who call for immediate pain relief, through Electro Therapy treatments that cater to cases of long-term rehabilitation. We strive to provide quality over quantity. Our treatments include, not limited to: neck pain, back pain, joint pain, sporting injuries, paralysis, post-operative cases and general weakness.

At Body Balancers we understand that in many cases it is not always a clear-cut case of either muscular, or skeletal issues, but often a combination of the two. This is why we have brought Physiotherapy and the Dorn Method together under one roof, in order to treat the causes, as opposed to the symptoms, in their entirety, through a collaboration of the traditional and the exceptional.

Body Balancers also offers the amazing TLC Lifestyle Weight-Loss Program, for those looking to not only shed those extra kilos, but also contribute to a healthier body and mind. The TLC Weight-Loss Program was initially designed on the premise of putting the body back into balance by means of correcting the most fundamental factor in one’s day-to-day life, namely, the way we eat. With no additional changes in one’s lifestyle, TLC has helped people rapidly lose, on average, 8kgs per month safely – by simply correcting chemical and hormonal imbalances throughout the body



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